Hi, we are the О2 Pets team

— Let’s get to know each other
Professional cynologist, zootechnician, and technologist.
Owner of dogs named Sara, Rut, Kapa, Sima, and Lola, and a cat named Agatha.
Anna Evteeva
I am the originator of the О2 Pets brand. We picked a tough team to create the best products for domestic animals. The first product to be launched in the market in Russia is the revolutionary О2 Oil product.

We have developed its unique formula on the basis of an existing oil. In collaboration with Italian colleagues, we managed to create an exclusive formula enriched with natural and beneficial ingredients. The whole process took more than a year. But it was worth it!

Now one of the most hi-tech Italian factories produces best oil for Russian dogs and cats!
—Chief visionary officer of the O2 pets brand
Veterinarian surgeon, orthopedist, traumatologist, neurological surgeon, and surgical oncologist. Owner of an American pit bull terrier Kali.
Alexey Akatov
My main goal is to help owners organize optimal nutrition for their pets. The in-depth development of ingredients was a part of each stage of О2 Oil development.

Together with colleagues we have done a very difficult but important job! Now your beloved pets can get the best oil: О2 Pets.
— O2 pets brand advisor
Veterinarian, cardiologist, ultrasound specialist, advisor. Owner of two racing Greyhound dogs, Racer and Gosha, from Artefakt kennel. Gosha is a twice all-Russia lure coursing champion. Racer only starts its sports career.
Olga Evstifeeva
As a veterinarian, I understand the significance of such substance as Omega-3. High quality oil is able to improve life of domestic animals and make them healthier and more beautiful.

I know peculiarities of different dog breeds and understand the right composition of oil. I participated in development of the best oil, О2 Oil, considering the cutting-edge knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine.
— O2 pets team member
O2 Pets Mission
Securing healthy and happy future of our pets
Our work is to provide you with the opportunity to maintain health of your furry friend with the help of natural supplements with efficient formulas. We survey current scientific studies and create new improved formulas of supplements with OMEGA-3 fatty acids
Myth busting
Expert advice
We will give an advice and help you select the oil with the consideration of your pet’s individual needs and peculiarities
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