O2 Pets – are nutritional supplements based on wild Norwegian salmon oil

Creating new improved formulas
Considering individual features of animals
Potentiating the beneficial effect of OMEGA-3
Manufactured in Italy


— O2 Pets team
We guarantee quality and effectiveness of our oils
We produce natural supplements based on Norwegian salmon oil for dogs and cats. Relying on scientific studies we have developed special improved formulas

O2 Pets is a professional team:
O2 Pets – is a brand born by science
We know the importance of balanced and proper nutrition for our pets like no one else. Nutrition has a direct impact on physiological and psychological health of animals.

That’s why we have created a premium product that we gladly feed to our furry friends.
  • veterinarians
  • cynologists
  • specialists in domestic animal behavior
  • simply thoughtful animal handlers
— About us

Your pets give you their love, and you give them best O2 Oil by O2 Pets

— Anna Evteeva, O2 Pets visionary
3 star formulas
Omega gold skin
optimal ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6

maintains skin and fur health in the ideal condition

concentrated source of Omega-3
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Omega Platinum
Omega gold Joint
contains proprietary formula based on sea weed Ascophyllum nodosum and a prebiotic

maintains GIT and oral cavity health, and boosts immune system

a concentrated source of Omega-3
contains freeze-dried green-lipped mussels Perna canaliculus, and Boswellia and Harpagophytum extracts

maintains proper joint function

a concentrated source of Omega-3
New formulas
O2 oil for Puppy & Kitten
Contains the optimal volume of nucleotides to support the gastrointestinal function and strengthen immunity

The DHA complex has the positive effect on cognitive and learning abilities

The concentrated source of Omega-3
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O2 oil for Cats
O2 oil for Senior 7+
The cranberry extract supports the health of the urinary system

The complex of beta-carotene and krill provides antioxidant protection

The concentrated source of Omega-3
Contains the anti-aging complex for the joints of an elderly animal

Algae oil promotes intestinal health due to reduced consumption

The concentrated source of Omega-3
Due to multi-year scientific researches and most up-to-date technologies, we created the truly best OMEGA-3 containing supplement in the global market of domestic animal nutrition.

In the process of creation of our O2 Oil product we considered specific features of pets’ digestion and fermentation, peculiarities of nutrient intake, and dosages of nutrients. EPA and DHA are balanced in ideal proportions.

OMEGA-3 is taken from organic Norwegian salmon. All developed formulas of OMEGA GOLD and OMEGA PLATINUM series contain natural ingredients having anti-oxidant action.

Unique composition is precisely balanced by best veterinary nutritionists and technologists. The product is manufactured at a cutting-edge Italian factory.

Available formulas let every owner find an optimum solution for its or its pet!
Fusion of science and nature in every drop of O2 Oil
— About the product
Whole benefit of OMEGA-3 in one bottle
According to the latest scientific reports, OMEGA-3 has positive effect on many physiological processes and is an essential supplement for healthy life. OMEGA-3 has the following proven beneficial effects on animals:
Boosts the immune system and increases resistance to various infections. Has anticarcinogenic properties, being a great means of prevention of oncology
Maintains skin and fur in the flawless condition, saturates and nurtures them, and helps cure skin inflammation. Accelerates the process of shedding for pets with any types of fur
Supports functioning of the heart muscle and the osteochondral system, helps maintain joint mobility, and has anti-inflammatory action
We created a next-gen product

Freeze-dried green-lipped mussels Perna canaliculus

Flaxseed oil

Harpagophytum, Boswellia, and goji berry extracts

Vitamin Е and Zn

Freeze-dried cranberries

Krill and a prebiotic

Sea weed Schizochytrium and Ascophyllum

Plant extracts: turmeric, rosemary, citrus fruits, and clove
We supplemented OMEGA-3 fatty acids with biologically active agents, such as
— Components
O2 Pets Mission
Securing healthy and happy future of our pets
Our work is to provide you with the opportunity to maintain health of your furry friend with the help of natural supplements with efficient formulas. We survey current scientific studies and create new improved formulas of supplements with OMEGA-3 fatty acids
Expert opinions
— We are recommended
Oil by О2 Pets is a good addition to the primary care after orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery. It facilitates better tissue recovery. Improves the quality of fur, makes it smooth and thick. Improves the quality of skin. Recommended for
Aleksey Aleksandrovich
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Препараты для животных с омегой 3 используются при лечении суставов, стоматологических заболеваний, они оказывают влияние на работу сердечно-сосудистой системы. По данным исследований, животные лучше усваивают Омега 3 животного происхождения.
Ольга Владимировна
Ветеринарный врач хирург, ортопед, травматолог, нейрохирург, онкохирург
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Omega-3 supplements for animals are used in treatment of joint diseases and dental diseases, they have effect on functioning of the cardiovascular system.
According to studies, animals take up Omega 3 of animal origin better.
Olga Vladimirovna
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Препараты для животных с омегой 3 используются при лечении суставов, стоматологических заболеваний, они оказывают влияние на работу сердечно-сосудистой системы. По данным исследований, животные лучше усваивают Омега 3 животного происхождения.
Ольга Владимировна
Ветеринарный врач хирург, ортопед, травматолог, нейрохирург, онкохирург
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Champions are not born, they are made! As a breeder and owner of world-class champion dogs, I know firsthand that proper nutrition is one of essential factors affecting the appearance of animals. Genetic susceptibility
Breeder and owner of kennel for German shepherd dogs Team del Sol Nascente

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Myth busting
We are recommended
— Customer feedback
and Aleksandra
I chose Omega-3-based supplement O2 Oil Skin for my 9-month-old pug puppy on the advice of our groomer. I decided to use it due to its natural composition, which would be good for healthy development of the dog.
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and Vera Petrovna
My cat had problems with fur. We were fighting against knots and tangles almost all year round. Veterinary pharmacies recommended fish oil for Marta. First, we tried a capsular form, but it was totally impractical, as I had to extract the oil from a capsule, then feed it to my pet, which resulted in a very high waste rate.
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and Dasha
I’d like to share my story. A year ago, we got a spitz from our friend who had a terrible allergy to dog fur. We received Shokko in a terrible condition, as for many years they had been cutting off all its fur, which is very bad for spitz’ fur and underfur. This led to huge issues with fur, which couldn’t start growing, an
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and Angela
My pet (a chihuahua) developed problems with fur after giving birth: it started falling out violently. Bald areas started to emerge on the tail and belly. On the advice of a veterinarian, we started to feed our pet with salmon oil-based supplement О2 Oil SKIN
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and a paw team
We have a large paw team)) We started looking for something special because of our dachshund Lucy. It is very allergic! We tried different things, but in all cases, it experienced long-lasting side-effects. On the recommendation we purchased supplement on the basis of salmon
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and Tatiana
О2 Oil SKIN is a high-quality and efficient supplement with salmon oil. I see the result after just a month of use. Our Yorkshire terrier takes it with pleasure. Its fur became very shiny and soft.
Benefits: Natural ingredients, convenient form, no strong smell for a
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and Irina
Our dog has been shedding all year round. The problem was solved with the help of O2 Oil Skin Omega-3-based supplement. We have been taking it for several months, and our retriever acquired magnificent fur, soft and silky. But above all, it stopped falling off all
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Simka, Kurt, and Olga
Purchased an omega-oil for our pets – we have a cat and a dog. Both are taking it eagerly. After a month of use we clearly see the difference: my pets have beautiful fur, which doesn’t fall out, it is shiny and smooth to the touch. We will continue using O2 Oil Skin.

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We have a male Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog, who takes dry feed. We became anxious that it may develop joint issues due to quick growth and weight gain. Our doctor recommended a supplement on the basis of Omega-3 as a prophylaxis, so I bought О2 Oil Joint. I
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and Nika
We have a beagle dog. Our Nika is more than 10 years old. We are taking care of its physical well-being with the help of different supplements. We started searching for a joint-support supplement, as it became lame with age, and its movements became constrained.
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and Olyla
A veterinarian recommended to give our pet supplements containing Omega-3 after an injury. I was hesitating for a long time, as our Birsha is a very picky dog, and it is a big deal to give it a capsule or a pill. At last, we’ve found a super-convenient form for us, oil that
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and Anna
Omega-3 oil is a part of our Labrador’s regular diet, which provides joint and ligament support. Our dog is in its middle age, and it is a known fact that joints are a weak spot for Labrador dogs. We decided to take O2 Oil Joint supplement after consultation with a breeder as a prophylaxis for issues with the locomotion
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and Nikolay
O2 Oil JOINT supplement greatly helps our 10-year-old French bulldog stay fresh and active. We were afraid that at that age some joint problems may appear, and we started searching joint support options. On the recommendation of a veterinarian, we started taking Omega-3-based O2 Oil JOINT on an ongoing basis as
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and Wilka
’d like to share my impressions of this product. I have a 11-year-old male dog. And I’ve recently noticed that something’s going on with it. It is lying most of the time, it doesn’t play, my granddaughter loves it a lot. And it doesn’t understand what’s wrong with it as well. We’ve visited a vet, health is OK, they said it’s about getting
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Capitolina and Oksana
I am an owner of a small dog Capa, who has been suffering from dental issues right after its first year of life. Constant dental plaque, calculus, veterinarian clinic visits, and constant stress in our life… I’ve found out about О2 Oil Platinum supplement from friends, who had similar problems. After a month of use we
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and Buffy
Our Petit Brabancon has GI issues + allergy. A special food was prescribed, but our picky pet refuses to take it. Because long-term fasting is also contraindicated, we were searching for options to stimulate dog’s appetite. During our visit to a vet clinic, they advised us to try O2 Oil Platinum natural supplement based on
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and Aleksey
I have a German shepherd dog, 1.5 years old, we got a puppy with a sensitive GI tract. Any vitamins and supplements necessary for a puppy apart from feed caused gastrointestinal disorders. We tried many supplements based on salmon oil, but this very supplement on the basis of Omega-3, O2 Oil Platinum, –
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and Leonid
We took Nafanya from zoo-volunteers. It is a former domestic cat, who lived for a long time on the street, where it got a bunch of viruses, and arrived at us in a terrible state. We cured it of Panleukopenia and Feline calicivirus. It had almost no fur. For some unknown reason, only upper layer of fur was left. It was necessary
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Expert advice
We will give an advice and help you select the oil with the consideration of your pet’s individual needs and peculiarities
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