Volume 250ml - € 105, AED 414,75
Volume 500ml - € 150, AED 592,5
Distinguishing feature of the formula of O2 Oil PLATINUM

  • Contains a proprietary formula based on sea weed Ascophyllum nodosum and a prebiotic, which help maintain GI tract and oral cavity health
  • Concentrated source of Omega-3

Effects of the product

  • Reduces bad breath and dental calculus formation
  • Ideal for pets living in apartments
  • Efficient immune booster
  • Maintains skin and fur health in the optimum condition
OMEGA PLATINUM is a pet dietary supplement for maintenance of GI tract and dental health
OMEGA PLATINUM was developed specifically for pets who live in apartments, have sedentary lifestyle, or belong to small or miniature breeds of dogs or cats, which have some peculiarities that impede hygienic procedures in oral cavity.
  • Suitable for animals taking dry feeds and natural food
  • For picky pets: may be used as a supplement, which enhances palatability of feed
  • Equally suitable for dogs and cats
Features and advantages of the OMEGA PLATINUM formula
Norwegian salmon oil contains optimal ratio of fatty acids.

Ascophyllum nodosum sea weed is an acknowledged leader for optimization of metabolic processes that lead to reduction of dental plaque and calculus formation in the oral cavity of an animal and reduce foul breath of any origin.

Prebiotics, such as fructooligosaccharides, support beneficial intestinal microflora. Their use leads to GI tract functioning normalization, which has a positive impact on the immune system.
OMEGA PLATINUM formulation
Norwegian salmon oil 82%, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) 8%, dried sea weed Ascophyllum nodosum 4%, freeze-dried cranberries 0.15%, spice formula (turmeric, rosemary, and clove) 390 mg/kg, and citrus fruits extract 7 mg/kg. Vitamin E 8,000 mg/kg. Antioxidants: tocopherol extract from vegetable oils 1 g/kg.

Analytical composition: crude protein 1.9%, crude fat 89%, crude fiber 1.3%, crude ash 1%.
Recommendations for use
1. Add to feed daily, starting with half dose.
2. After a week of use increase volume to a necessary value using the table below.
3. Take in courses without breaks for one to three months or take on an ongoing basis.
4. Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages taking any type of nutrition.
5. Shake well before use.
Store at a room temperature of +20°С to +25°С. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. After opening, store the bottle in a refrigerator at a temperature of +2°С to +4°С.
We are recommended
— Customer feedback
Capitolina and Oksana
I am an owner of a small dog Capa, who has been suffering from dental issues right after its first year of life. Constant dental plaque, calculus, veterinarian clinic visits, and constant stress in our life… I’ve found out about О2 Oil Platinum supplement from friends, who had similar problems. After a month of use we
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and Buffy
Our Petit Brabancon has GI issues + allergy. A special food was prescribed, but our picky pet refuses to take it. Because long-term fasting is also contraindicated, we were searching for options to stimulate dog’s appetite. During our visit to a vet clinic, they advised us to try O2 Oil Platinum natural supplement based on
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and Aleksey
I have a German shepherd dog, 1.5 years old, we got a puppy with a sensitive GI tract. Any vitamins and supplements necessary for a puppy apart from feed caused gastrointestinal disorders. We tried many supplements based on salmon oil, but this very supplement on the basis of Omega-3, O2 Oil Platinum, –
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and Leonid
We took Nafanya from zoo-volunteers. It is a former domestic cat, who lived for a long time on the street, where it got a bunch of viruses, and arrived at us in a terrible state. We cured it of Panleukopenia and Feline calicivirus. It had almost no fur. For some unknown reason, only upper layer of fur was left. It was necessary
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