Fish Grissini

$ 13, 48 AED
All O2PETS Super Snack treats contain only natural ingredients.

Prepared using gentle technology and retain all beneficial substances, micro and macro elements.

At home, on a trip, on a walk, with our treats you will become your pet's best friend.

Ingredients: 80% minced cod flesh, 10% rice flour, 10% corn flour.
Nutritional value per 100 g.: proteins 12,1 g., fats 1,1 g., carbohydrates 29,9 g.
Energy value kcal/100g.: 182,6 kcal.
Weight 140g.

  • A healthy snack anywhere
  • Suitable for all dog breeds from 3 months old
  • Prevention of plaque
  • Variety of the diet of your beloved pet

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